It's not a summer camp.

It's not an honors seminar. It's far from boring and you won't be cooped up in a classroom for days on end. It is Operation Catapult, a unique summer program for high school students who have completed their junior year.




Our goal - beyond stimulating your brain of course - is to:

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  1. Integrate and supplement your previous learning.
  2. Explore fundamental scientific and engineering principles and systems.
  3. Provide an opportunity for group living in a campus setting.

 What will you have to show for your time on the Rose-Hulman campus?

Living on a college campus and meeting students from across the country (and world)
2015 Catapult Proj GroupA once-in-a-lifetime experience! But what else can you expect?

  • To set up and run advanced experiments
  • Interaction with dedicated professors
  • A chance to see what engineering and the physical sciences are really all about
  • To use every bit of learning and ingenuity you've absorbed in 11 years of school
  • To have a blast the whole time you're doing it!


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A World of Projects 

At Catapult you and a group of team mates work on fun projects of your choice.


Visit projects past and present.

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