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Degree Requirements

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Robotics is a fast-growing field that is inherently multidisciplinary.  Robotic systems are made of mechanical, electrical, and biological parts as well as software.  Robotics encompasses many fields including mobile robots, industrial robots, mechatronics, controls, programming, and assistive technologies.  Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology offers a multidisciplinary minor in robotics to recognize students who have gained experience in a robotics-related area while at Rose-Hulman.

Students earning the minor must satisfy three requirements. (1) They must major in one of the following areas:  Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, or Computer Science to obtain depth.  (2) They must complete one of the 28-credit (7 course) tracks (PDF of curriculum tracks) to obtain breadth in a second area. (3) All students except biomedical engineering majors must complete on a multidisciplinary robotics senior design project by taking ROBO 410, ROBO 420, and ROBO 430.  Biomedical engineering students will complete a robotics-related senior design project as part of BE 410, BE 420, and BE 430.  Any exceptions to the robotics minor requirements require approval of the appropriate robotics advisor and completion of the robotics minor course substitution form.

Please see sample four-year schedules at the following links:

  1. CSSE with Controls ( CS and  SE)
  2. CSSE with Hardware ( CS and  SE)
  3. CSSE with Mechanics ( CS and  SE)
  4. Computer Engineering
  5. EE with Programming
  6. ECE with Sensors (CpE and EE)
  7. ECE with Mechanics (CpE and EE)
  8. ME with Electronics
  9. ME with Programming
  10. Biomedical Engineering with

Students who want to pursue the minor should complete a declaration of intent form available at the links below and submit it to the appropriate track advisor.  Note that completion of the minor will be noted on the student's official transcript but not on the diploma. Advisors are listed below.




Intent Form


Matthew Boutell


Moench F224


CSSE form



Carlotta Berry


Moench D211


ECE form



David Fisher


Moench E101


ME form



Glen Livesay


Moench D223


BE form