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The MiNDS program is actively involved in a number of ongoing research projects both within the areas of micro/nanotechnology and pedagogy. Some highlights include:

Seoul Lab

MEMS Projects

  • Meeting Educational Milestones - Enhancing multidisciplinary undergraduate microelectronic education using a "heads-on" MEMS laboratory experience¬†(NSF grant #0311400)
  • Shape-Memory-Alloy MEMS: Heat engine, energy scavenger and actuation
  • Thin Film Deposition: Improve Reliability of Missile Battery Igniter
  • Microfluidics: Chemistry Lab-on-a-chip
  • Design-Simulation- Characterization
  • MUMPs: Heat actuators and Mirrors

Nanoscale Projects

  • Nanomagnetics: Data Storage
  • Saturable Multiple Quantum Wells: Optical Switching & ADC
  • Carbon Nano-Tubes: Supercapacitor and Energy Storage Application
  • Nano Porous Silica: Water Treatment & Photocatalysis


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