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Why participate in IP/ROP?

  We can help you

  • Pick a project/advisor.
  • Get money for project supplies.
  • Help arrange credit or work-study pay for the project.
  • Meet other students who are working on independent projects.
  • Learn more about careers/graduate school through our seminar series.
  • Get money to travel with your advisor to present your work to national audiences.

How do you get an advisor/project topic?

There are three normal routes

  • You already talked with a faculty member, and they have already agreed to advise you on a project.
  • You have some faculty members you are interested in working with. Go talk with them and try to arrange a project.
  • You aren't sure what projects are available, or where to start. Then we suggest two steps
    - Look over the projects in the Projects section.
        - Come see us (Chiu and/or Syed) and talk over your ideas so 
          we can point you towards some likely faculty sponsors.    

What do you do after you have an advisor/project topic?

Write an IP/ROP Grant proposal as explained in the How to Apply section.

What are your responsibilities if your proposal gets funded?

There are four main requirements set by the IP/ROP program

  • Attend the Information Session on Week 2.
  • Submit a Project Status Report on Week 6.
  • Present a poster at the End-of-Quarter Symposium.
  • Submit a 1-page Executive Summary on Week 10.

Of course, your advisor will have other requirements related to actually doing the project!

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