Information for Faculty

Why participate in IP/ROP?

We can help you

  • Recruit students for your projects if you don't have them already.
  • Get money for project supplies.
  • Arrange credit or work-study pay for the project.
  • Engage your student more fully in the project by
      - writing a proposal
    presenting a poster at the End-of-Quarter Symposium
    attending seminars to meet other students who are working on 
         independent projects and learn more about careers/graduate school
  • Get money to travel with your student to present your work to national audiences (this includes extra travel money for you, as well as money for the student).

What do you do after you have a student/project topic?

Have your student write an IP/ROP Grant proposal as explained in the How to Apply section.

What are your responsibilities if your proposal gets funded?

Your main task is the usual one of helping the student with the project.

We also ask that you

  • Fill out a survey at the end of the quarter about your student's progress and the IP/ROP program, so we can document our impact and improve the program.
  • Encourage the student to do their required tasks.  Students must 
      - Attend the Information Session on Week 2
    Submit a Project Status Report on Week 6
    Present a poster at the End-of-Quarter Symposium; and
     Submit an Executive Summary on Week 10.

How do I list a project or modify a project listing?

Email a project description to

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