Does the project need to be traditional research?
No.  All types of projects are encouraged:

  • traditional research topics
  • design projects
  • consulting opportunities
  • development of challenging new course modules  

The key feature we are seeking is that students work directly with faculty in an individual or small group setting, but individual students take significant responsibility for the intellectual development of the project.

Can we apply for money to support required junior/senior projects or thesis projects?
No, we would expect that departments would provide support for required junior/senior projects and BS/MS thesis work.  IP/ROP is intended to provide support for projects outside the normal curriculum. However, your students are welcome to participate in the seminars or present their work at the End-of-Quarter Symposium.

If we don't need an IP/ROP Grant for our project, can the student still attend the seminars?
Yes, the seminars are open to the entire campus community and we would like to encourage as much participation as possible.

If we didn't get an IP/ROP Grant for our project, can we still apply for a Travel Award?

Can we apply for a Travel Award for required junior/senior design projects or theses?
Yes.  However, since this is a pilot program and we have limited funds, we will give preference in the awards to excellent independent projects.

Can we apply for an IP/ROP Grant this quarter but not start the work until next quarter?
Yes.  One reason you might do this is that there is a long lead time for ordering some piece of equipment.  Be sure to put this in your proposal.

Can we propose a project that wasn't listed on the Projects page?

Can we apply to renew a project for a second quarter?
Yes.  Please contact Drs. Olson and Chiu for details on the process.  (It is simpler than the original grant application.)

Can we get money for summer?
No, but be sure to check out the Related Opportunities page.

If we apply for funding and we get turned down, is there an appeals process?
No, as with most funding agencies, there is no appeals process.   However, you will be given the results of your proposal reviews and can use that information to improve your chances of getting funding in the following quarter.

What are the intellectual property ramifications of submitting a proposal containing a student's patentable idea?
There are no ramifications to submitting the proposal itself.  However, if you develop your idea with Rose-Hulman's support (faculty mentor/funding) then Rose-Hulman and the faculty mentor are entitled to intellectual property rights in the products.  You should review Rose-Hulman's Policy Regarding Intellectual Property.  Notice that, since the amount of the Rose-Hulman contribution due to the IP/ROP program is likely to be small, you may want to petition Rose's "Committee on Patents, Copyrights and Licensing" to get a formal determination about your rights.  At the end of the Policy you will find examples of previous cases in which a determination was required. Dr. Rick Stamper is a member of the Committee and we would suggest that you contact him with questions.

Will I receive feedback from the travel award?
No. We usually receive many high quality travel award proposals. Due to the time sensitivity of the travel awards, formal feedback will not be provided.