Supporting Students and Faculty
in Independent Projects/Research


  • Funding for Supplies and Travel

  • Community Support

Have you ever wanted to explore some topic in your field in more depth?

Have you ever wanted to create innovative solutions to real-life problems (but you weren't sure where to begin)?

Sure, you spend a lot of time in classes and labs learning things, but did you ever want to push yourself further?

IP/ROP is designed to help you and a faculty member tackle special projects outside the required curriculum. You'll see the connections between all those courses and labs, learn to tackle tough problems with confidence, communicate your results professionally, and be better prepared for whatever future you choose.

Funding Apply for support for supplies and consumables for your project. Compete for Best Student Project Travel Awards.

Community Meet others engaged in independent projects, present your work at the End-of-Quarter Symposium, explore career paths.

IP/ROP is here for you.

Our Sponsors:
Maarij Syed (PHOE)
(812) 877-8957

Alan Chiu (BBE)
(812) 877-8327

Advisory Board:
Mark Brandt (CHEM)
Dale Bremmer (HSS)
Rich Liptak (PHOE)
Chandan Rupakheti (CSSE)
Craig Downing (EMGT)
Kurt Bryan (MA)
Jenny Mueller-Price (CE)
Kim Henthorn (CHE)
Wayne Padget (ECE)
Elizabeth Hagerman (Ventures)