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REV team w Kaku
RHEV team and advisor Allen White demonstrate features
of their project car to celebrated physicist Michio Kaku.

"RHEV gives students a chance to not only design and build their own vehicle but to measure the effectiveness of their design in a competition.  As a result of having to achieve the very high mileages that our vehicle is capable of, our students must think very carefully about how each component contributes to the performance of the vehicle and how it might be improved.  They must also consider the impact of weight, aerodynamics, energy consumption, friction, and safety.  There is no better training for engineers in a world that demands lower costs, greater efficiency, and greater safety in all things."
-- Allen White, assistant professor of mechanical engineering and RHEV team advisor.

"The biggest things I have gotten from it are project and time management.  You really don't understand what that is until you are working on a project that is impossible to finish 'perfectly' in the given time.  It forces you to prioritize, redesign solutions, and make sacrifices so you end up with the best final product you can.  It is very hard to get appreciation for that in a classroom setting."
-- Zakeri Eckert, Mechanical Engineering student and RHEV team member.

Awards and Recognition

  • 1st place in Technical Innovation at Shell Eco-Marathon Americas
  • Finished among top four at SAE Supermileage competition five years running
  • Placed in top ten of gasoline group at Shell Eco-Marathon UK

The Challenge

Design and build a single seat gasoline powered vehicle to obtain the highest possible fuel efficiency.

Our Success


Allen White

Dr. Allen White

CM 4010


  • Consistent top finishes in American, North American, and European competitions.
  • Our graduates have gone on to work at Chrysler, Cummins, CAT, Allison, Marathon, Boston Scientific, Rolls-Royce, Motorola, International, and Toyota.

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