Costs and fees for the graduate studies program

Estimated student expenses for the 2015-16 academic year, consisting of three academic terms, are as follows

  • Tuition 2015-2016 $43,122 ($14,374 per term).┬áTuition and fees are the best available estimates at the time of posting. These are subject to change.
  • Books and supplies will cost approximately $1,500 for the academic year. These items may be purchased in the campus bookstore, a non-profit service operated for the benefit of students.
  • All graduate students pay a quarterly technology fee of approximately $135.
  • International students are required to participate in the Student Accident and Health Insurance Program for approximately $400 per term. Once the spring term is purchased, coverage is active through the summer months.

Summer fees
Students doing work during the summer which requires any effort on the part of a faculty member shall register for the appropriate number of course and/or research credits and be assessed the usual registration fee and/or tuition at an hourly or quarterly rate.