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Course Based Students

Advisory Chairperson

Although course-based students will not appoint an advisory committee, appointment of an advisory chairperson is required. A temporary departmental academic advisor will be assigned to each new graduate student at the time he/she first enrolls and will serve until the student selects an advisory chairperson. The advisory chairperson is to be chosen and the Request for Appointment of Advisory Chairperson form submitted to the Graduate Studies Office no later than Friday of 10th week of the first term of graduate study. If the student chooses a new advisor at a later point within his/her program, a new Request for Appointment of Advisory Committee Chairperson form must be completed and submitted to the Graduate Studies Office.

Plan of Study

Completion Checklist

When a student is ready to begin the completion process, he/she will log in to Banner Web to start the checklist process. All checklist items must be completed by the published completion deadlines for the term the student requested a graduation review. If a student cannot accomplish this in the term he/she originally had planned to complete, the checklist process must be initiated again in the next quarter the student anticipates completion.