Research Labs

Photonics Lab


RF Vector Modulator using 8-tap Optical Hilbert Transformer
by Ryand Tucker
M.S. (OE) Thesis:  supervisor:  Dr. Azad Siahmakoun

Tucker is now doing research at Honeywell, Kansas City.

Microwave Photonics Lab

microwave photonicsRose-Hulman Institute of Technology, in collaboration with NSWC-Crane, demonstrated a wideband optically multiplexed beamforming architecture (WOMBAt).  The system possess a minimum of 2 GHz instantaneous bandwidth at 70 scan. The beamformer has achieved high receive/transmit performance in terms of dynamic range and noise figure. WDM MUX and DEMUX are used to combine and separate the optical channels for the parallel delay processor while fiber Bragg grating arrays provide the coarse delay to each 1x4 subarray.

Fiber Research Lab

fiberoptic3Since 1983, Dr. Bunch has conducted research and directed student projects in the Fiber Research Lab. In the lab, Dr. Bunch provides both the opportunity to work with leading edge equipment on projects in fiber-optics. For a list of both graduate and undergraduate projects, visit Dr. Bunch's site.

Semiconductor Magneto-Optics Lab

The lab is located in DL107 and is equipped with two electromagnets that are capable of fields up to 1.5 Tesla.  One of the magnets has a programmable power supply, variable pole gap and with different pole pieces can reach 2.0 Tesla.  Both magnets are water cooled.  In addition, various visible and IR lasers are used in ongoing experiments.  The lab also has an ORIEL monochromator with two switchable gratings that cover the spectral range from near UV to near IR.  Various optical elements like polarizers, mirrors, wave plates and a host of solid-state detectors and a high precision gauss meter are routinely employed during the course of the experiments.  The lab also has a dedicated computer station for data gathering and analysis.

Acoustics Lab

Headed by Dr. Mike Maloney, the acoustics lab is the site of exciting undergraduate Acoustics experiments and projects. Students can apply acoustics principles to topics such as "Quality Factors of Cylindrical Pipes Open at Both Ends."