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Students will be selected for the program on a highly competitive basis. In addition to the student's academic record and SAT scores, two letters of recommendation are required, one written by the student's high school calculus teacher and one written by the student's high school physics teacher, will be weighed heavily.

The Accelerated Math Physics program is only open to incoming freshmen who meet the requirements.
The minimum requirements are:

  • completion of an Advanced Placement Calculus course (BC level) or college equivalent
  • a year long high school physics course
  • Math SAT score of least 700 or (ACT score of at least 31 Math or 30 Math / 31 Verbal), exceptions have been made to these scores for exceptional applicants
  • approval by the Accelerated Math Physics Program Selection Committee
"If you are on the fence about applying, go ahead and do it. It’s better to apply and then not go than to not apply and wish that you had. I have absolutely no regrets with the program, I learned a lot in those short 5 weeks and it will be something I remember throughout my college career."
- Bill Mader - AMP Class 2013

Application Process:

Normally, all qualified students that have been accepted to Rose-Hulman and qualify for the Accelerated Math Physics program by taking an Advanced Placement Calculus course at the BC level or equivalent classes, will be notified of the program and invited to apply by e-mail in March.  However, if you believe you qualify for the program but have not received an invitation to apply, you may contact Professor Finn and inquire about your eligibility for the program.

The application process is started through online at BannerWeb. You need your log in information that you received upon being admitted to Rose-Hulman, contact EIT’s service desk if you need help at 812-877-8989.

In addition, letters of recommendations from your calculus and physics teachers should be submitted to Prof. Finn. Letters of recommendation should address, not only the student's content knowledge of mathematics and physics, but the students work ethic, willingness to ask for assistance when concepts are difficult, and willingness to offer assistance to others when concepts are difficult.

For additional information, contact either Professor Ditteon or Professor Finn.

Application and Decision Dates:

Completed applications and letters of recommendation must be returned by April 20, 2017. Participants will be notified of their acceptance into the program by May 1, 2017.


During their stay, each participant will be designated a Freshman Physics Scholar and charged $4,300.00 + $100 deposit in fees. This includes tuition, textbooks, room and board during the duration of the program. The students will be on the standard Rose-Hulman 18 meal program. The only additional cost to the student will be incidental expenses.

Please note that there is no additional financial assistance available for the Accelerated Math Physics program.

Remember: all participants are required to live on campus during the Accelerated Math Physics program.

Contact Information

Dr. Richard Ditteon

Professor of Physics
phone: 812-877-8247


Dr. David Finn

Associate Professor of Mathematics
phone: 812 877-8393


Fast Track Physics makes it easier for students to work on a second major, or earn early degrees, including graduate degrees.

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