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LINUX Computing and Cluster Computing


"Beyond the laptop" Linux-based computing is supported in the Theorodrome by 6 Linux workstations similar to faculty workstations, and three CUDA workstations that have advanced graphical processing units (GPUs). This is complemented by high performance Linux compute servers and labs with various operating systems in our sister department, Computer Science and Software Engineering, located on the top floor of Moench Hall. The Linux servers have multiple CPUs and GPUs and lots of memory. All the standard laptop software is available in addition to software for advanced modeling, simulation and optimization for such areas such as cryptography, image processing, operations research, statistical modeling and computational biochemistry.

High Performance  
Comparing computational speeds
Left: CPU; Right: GPU

These computing facilities are complemented by a Beowulf-style cluster with the Portland Group compilers running on top of Linux.

The cluster is a shared facility of all academic departments, hosted by the computer center.