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Mentoring Excellence

Through Rigor, Challenge, Interaction

Dedicated to excellence, our twenty plus teacher-scholars bring active mentoring and an ethos of exploration to the teaching of undergraduate mathematics research and projects.
As a result, our graduates excel in major field exams, and students from all disciplines find their math preparation very competitive for business, industry, and government careers or for further study in graduate school.

The Rose-Hulman Math department distinguishes itself through:

  • its support for theoretical explorations in mathematics as well as hands-on modeling, analysis and simulation of real-world situations
  • the wide diversity of expertise among its faculty
  • its comprehensive use of computing, via mobile computing, in teaching undergraduate mathematics
  • the advanced computation possibilities opened up by its hardware/software facilities


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We are most proud of the continuing success of our students -- from mathematical competitions, student research, and conference presentations to  successful alumni.



We are distinct in our strong support for undergraduate mathematics research, and we champion hands-on research and discovery throughout our programs and culture.



Faculty engage in scholarship,
research, national math organizations, and other professional service. Keeping their eyes on current trends in the field, they keep our students highly competitive.