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In a globally competitive environment, the need to rapidly transition from an innovative idea to a viable product necessitates that 21st Century engineers and scientists think and act in an entrepreneurial manner. Not everyone must be interested in starting a technology-based company, but it is important to understand the business requirements of technology commercialization.  These skills help students become leaders. 

To prepare students for this new workplace, the Department of Engineering Management offers a minor in Entrepreneurial Studies to complement their undergraduate technical education.  The five course curriculum (20 credits) introduces students to the fundamentals of an entrepreneurial mindset.

Two required courses (total of 8 credits):

  • EMGT 330 - Introduction to Engineering Management
  • EMGT 532 - Technical Entrepreneurship


  • IA 453 - The Entrepreneur

Note: In order to take IA 453, students must complete either SV 150 Introduction to Microeconomics or SV 152 Principles of Macroeconomics as a prerequisite.  Neither SV 150 nor SV 152 count towards one of the five courses required for the minor. However, IA 453, SV 150 and SV 152 may be counted as HSS electives.

Three elective courses (total of 12 credits) from the following:

  • EMGT 100 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • EMGT 520 - Accounting for Technical Managers
  • EMGT 523 - Marketing in New Product Development
  • EMGT 526 - Innovation Management & Forecasting
  • EMGT 527 - Project Management
  • SV 356 - Corporate Finance
  • GS 350 - International Trade
  • GS 351 - International Finance

Note: There are no prerequisites for the EMGT courses, but the GS and SV courses have prerequisites of either SV 150 or SV 152.  Please refer to the course catalog.

With approval from the Department Head of Engineering Management, course substitutions may be considered to align with a student’s professional aspirations.  No more than one course may be transferred in to count toward the minor. 

For more information contact the Engineering Management Department to discuss this opportunity:; 812-877-8568; or stop by Moench Hall DL110.