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Program Overview


The Rose-Hulman Master of Science in Engineering Management and Master of Engineering Management are designed for engineers who seek to deepen their technical background while acquiring solid, forward-looking management credentials. In our curricula, you'll find the management foundations of an MBA, but with added technical focus. We provide technology and business leaders a convenient fast track to the integration of management skills and critical technical knowledge.

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The classroom-based approach of our Engineering Management programs encourages networking with other technical professionals pursuing the degree.

You'll find the program designed to meet the demands and constraints of the working professional:

  • looking for part-time study
  • who can spare one year for full-time study

The program allows you to:

  • Acquire a management education that enhances technical skills rather than putting them on hold.
  • Integrate management and technical skills.
  • Take an entrepreneurial perspective
  • Supplement active professional growth.
  • Work with faculty who have both academic credentials and industrial experience.