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1. Where is the Engineering Management program being offered?
The program is being offered on the Rose-Hulman campus and in Indianapolis.  Current locations can be found on the current course locations link.

2. Is the schedule suitable for someone who is working full time?
The program is targeted to those who have professional work experience and are employed full time. Classes are offered on one or two evenings per week; with some classes on an experimental basis offered on Saturday. Other assistance includes making a videotape of the class available, whenever possible. The faculty and staff will make every effort to accommodate those who wish to participate.

3. How long does it typically take a student to complete the program?
The program requires students to successfully complete 51 quarter hours of graduate level work. Students who take one 4-credit hour course each quarter until they have the completed the required 5 management and 5 technical courses, plus taking 3 1-credit hour seminars (EMGT511, EMGT512, or EMGT513) over this same period, will have earned 43 credit-hours at the end of a 2 year period. The final 8 credit hours are taken as either two 4-credit hour graduate electives or the Integrated Project, which requires two quarters to complete, for the 51-credit hour total in three years. Some do it more quickly; some take a bit longer.

4. What are the admission requirements?
A B.S. degree in a technical field is required, in addition to completing a Rose-Hulman graduate school application. Additionally, letters of recommendation and a transcript from your undergraduate institution, described in that application, are required. Applications are available from the Graduate Studies Office at Rose-Hulman (812-877-8885). You are not required to take the Graduate Record Exam, Graduate Management Admission Test or any other entrance exam.

5. Must my undergraduate degree be in engineering?
You need a technical undergraduate degree. The Engineering Management Department Head and Rose-Hulman faculty will review your transcript to determine if your background is adequate for successful completion of the program.

6. What is the sequence of courses offered?
A program will typically begin with two or more management core classes. Thereafter, the order in which the technical and balance of your management core classes will be more flexible. The 8-credit integrating course comes after completion of the ten courses that make up the management and technical core of the program. The required one-day seminars cover a variety of topics and are available during the fall, winter and spring quarters of the program.

7. What is the quarter system like in relation to the calendar year?
The academic year is made up of the fall, winter and spring quarters, from late August through May. Each quarter includes ten weeks of classes and a week for a final exam. Courses are offered during the summer, to assist students in a timely degree completion. A calendar of the academic year appears in the Registrar's Office.

8. What is the cost of the program?
The cost of Engineering Management's courses as well as any Rose-Hulman course can be found on the financial aid website in the Tuition per credit hour table.  Students may receive an additional discount based on their graduate GPA and their course of study.  This information is captured on the Graduate Studies website under Admissions> Costs and Fees.  A technology fee of $115.00 per quarter is also charged to full-time students.

9. What technical courses will be offered?
Technical classes are geared to the needs and interests of participants and constraints such as adequate enrollment. The catalog and brochure list management core courses but not those that are technical. Technical courses such as quality methods, technology forecasting and management, analysis and specification of software systems, finite element analysis, and environmental engineering and management have been offered. It is anticipated that students will want to take technical core courses that track with their major area of discipline and interest and we attempt to meet a students specialized needs whenever possible

10. Can I transfer previous graduate level management or technical credits?
You may transfer up to 12-hours (3 courses) as part of your Engineering Management degree program.

11. Will my employer reimburse me or pick up the cost of the classes?
Many area companies have a policy on tuition reimbursement. We are unable to track those policies and encourage you to ask that question of your employer.

12. Is there financial aid available? How about tax credits or deductions? Loans are available under the Stafford Loan program, administered by the financial aid office, at 812-877-8483. Tax credits and deductions for educational expenses will vary, but are available in some situations.

13. Do I have to be an admitted student to take Engineering Management courses?
No, up to 12 hours (3 courses) may be taken, as a special student, without being formally admitted.