Physics Resource Packet Project
     Rose-Hulman Insitute of Technology
           Mike Moloney   revised 7/19/98 

What is the Physics Resource Packet Project?

Resource Packets

Introductory                                 Mechanics                         Modern Physics
                                                   Electricity & Magnetism     Waves

Intermediate / Advanced   Classical Mechanics           Quantum Mechanics
                                                   Thermo/Stat Mech
                                                                Electromagnetic Theory     Physical Optics

Short lessons in applying MAPLE to physics problems, with links to examples.

Maple Hints & Clues     Easy1   Easy2   Easy3   Fancy1   Fancy2   Fancy3
 Links to Examples of Some Maple Functions

Workshop W39 'Introduction to Maple for Solving Physics Problems'
Tuesday Aug 4, 1998, AAPT Summer Meeting, Lincoln, Nebraska

Who helped build the packets.
Tools Used In Building the Packets Pages.

   Downloads of DOS physics programs.

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