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List of Electricity & Magnetism Problems  
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For a start ... 
B field of a half-loop by direct calculation circloop  
capacitance of concentric spheres csphere
effect of adding dielectric to a capacitor dielcap
plot a potential when the coordinates are shifted shift
And then ... 
general particle motion in constant E, B fields ebfields
plot electric field of a line of dipoles edipole
use a RC circuit as an 'envelope detector' envelope
electric field and electric flux from a point charge eflux
RC circuit as a filter filtrc
create a helical path in 'ebfields' helix
plot the magnetic field of Helmholtz coils holtplot
where does a rectangular wire loop appear to be an infinitely long wire? howclose
frequency response using a "real" inductor model inductor
explore some physics of the inkjet printer inkdrop
carry out a line integral in an E field lineint
derivatives of axial B field from circular loops loopaxis
axial magnetic field from 1, 2, and several loops loops
contour plot of V from 3 charges. Find where E=0. mmvplot
rotating magnets fire up your lawn mower mower
use a RC circuit to reduce the effect of 60 Hz pickup noiserc
electric field from N charges along a line nchrgs
a fast charged particle gives energy to another charge as it races past particle
V contour plot from 3 charges potplot
does a slag particle get collected in a stack precipitator? precip
where is the most sensitive area of an airport metal detector? rectloop
explore V and E from a charged rod at different x,y locations rodcalc
lovely contour plot of V due to a charged rod rodint
electric field and potential plots of 3 point charges threept
can you trap a particle in a box made of stationary charges? trap
protect against invading protons by building a repulsive wall. wall

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