General Hints and Clues About Maple

Compatibility of files between release 3 and 4.

Maple V Release 3 files have a ***.ms suffix. Maple V Release 4 files have a ***.mws suffix.

Problem. If you run a file which was created in release 3 (say in release 4, and save it under the same name, then file can no longer be read by release 3.

Solution. You can open up in release 4 and save it as proj.txt . (This saves only the text, omitting all the special interpretive features specific to a given release of maple. This does not save any graphics.) Then maple V release 3 can open and run proj.txt. After that you could save it as under release 3 and things would be back to where they were initially.

The normal save option under release 4 is proj.mws, to distinguish it from

In Maple V Release 4, I recommend going to the help option, and turning on the 'Balloon Help'. This gives little clues (in balloons) as you move the mouse around the toolbar and menu items.

Input and text lines .

First, let's distinguish between an 'input line' and a 'text line'. An input line is one which Maple can 'execute' to produce some output. A 'text' line is entirely descriptive, as text would be.

A text line cannot be executed. It is like a comment.

(Maple V Release 3) Check this out by first putting the I-beam cursor at the beginning of a line of text, then clicking on 'Format' along the top menu, and then click on 'Input Region'. You should see the text line change and have a '>' to the left of the line itself, indicating an input region. (You put all your commands to Maple in on input lines.) Now with the cursor as it was before on the left of the line, again go to 'Format' and then click on 'Text Region'. You will see that this turns the line back into text. [ Sometimes you may find it handier to manipulate text lines than input lines, and may temporarily turn an input line into text, then back to input later.]

Creating an extra input line.

Put the cursor at the end of the line for the plot command and then go to the tool on the top which looks like ^> . Clicking on this creates an extra input line after the one you have.

(Maple V Release 4.)  I find it trickier to change text and input lines in Release 4, than in Release 3.

In release 4, each line to be executed is not necessarily preceded by a '>'. Maple commands can be executed in groups. Each execution group is shown at the left by a square bracket ( [ ) which extends over the commands (or text) in that 'group'. The first command in the group has a '>', but the others will not.

There is a tool on the toolbar which looks like '[>'. When you click this it gives you a new line for putting Maple commands into the worksheet, and a new execution group. If you want to copy a bunch of lines of Maple commands into a worksheet, you should put the cursor at an empty execution group ( [> ) and then paste the lines in. This way they will all be executed at once.

If you only want to execute some of the commands in an execution group before going on to execute the other lines in the group, you can place the cursor at the end of the last line you want to execute, and press F3. This separates the commands into two groups. The F4 command may be used to join groups together into a larger group.

If you have a line which is text, and you want to change it to Maple code, first 'select' the line by dragging the mouse over it. Then go to Format in the toolbar at the top, then down to Convert To and there select Maple Input.

First, a few suggestions for when Maple is surly and uncooperative. (What Never?   No, never.    What, Never?   Well .. hardly ever.)

Maple is finicky. Here are some suggestions for keeping you and it happy.