Building Layouts

Campus building layouts are made available to the Rose-Hulman community. If you have any questions please contact Alan Youngblood, 812-877-8693.

Academic and Administrative
Branam Innovation Center
BSB-Basement Floor
Cook Greenhouse
Cook Stadium
Crapo Hall - First Floor
Crapo Hall - Second Floor
Crapo Hall - Third Floor
Facilities/Admin Srvs Building
Hadley Hall - First Floor
Hadley Hall - Second Floor
Hatfield Hall- Lower Level
Hatfield Hall- First Floor
Hatfield Hall - Second Floor
Hulman Memorial Union - Basement
Hulman Memorial Union - First Floor
Hulman Memorial Union - Second Floor
Logan Library - First Floor
Logan Library - Second Floor
Logan Library - Third Floor
Lynn Reader Classroom
Moench Hall - Lower Level II
Moench Hall - Lower Level I
Moench Hall - First Floor
Moench Hall - Second Floor
Moench Hall - Third Floor - F Section
Myers Hall - First Floor
Myers Hall - Second Floor
Oakley Observatory
Olin Hall - First Floor
Olin Hall - Second Floor
Olin Hall Roof
Olin Hall Advanced Learning Center - First Floor
Olin Hall Advanced Learning Center - Second Floor
Rotz Lab
SRC - First Floor
SRC - Second Floor
Ventures - First Floor
Ventures - Second Floor
White Chapel
Apartment Res Hall - First Floor
Apartment Res Hall - Second Floor
Apartment Res Hall - Third Floor
Blumberg Hall - First Floor
Blumberg Hall - 2nd, 3rd, 4th Floors
BSB Hall - Basement Floor
BSB Hall - First Floor
BSB Hall - Second Floor
BSB Hall - Third Floor
Deming Hall - Basement Floor
Deming Hall - First Floor
Deming Hall - Second Floor
Deming Hall - Attic Floor
Lakeside Hall - First Floor
Lakeside Hall - Second Floor
Lakeside Hall - Third Floor
Lakeside Hall - Fourth Floor
Mees Hall - First Floor
Mees Hall - 2nd, 3rd, 4th Floors
Percopo Hall - Basement Floor
Percopo Hall - First Floor
Percopo Hall - Second Floor
Percopo Hall - Third Floor
Scharpenberg Hall - First Floor
Scharpenberg Hall - 2nd, 3rd, 4th Floors
Skinner Hall - Lower Level
Skinner Hall - Uppper Level
Speed Hall - Basement Floor
Speed Hall - First Floor
Speed Hall - Second Floor
Speed Hall - Third Floor