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Worker's Compensation Insurance

General Information

Worker's Compensation is a law mandated by the State of Indiana to provide insurance coverage for all employees (which includes paid student workers) who may be injured on-the job. The purpose is to help the work-injured employee recover to pre-injury status and return to the workplace. 

Step by Step Claim Procedures -

    1.  Immediately notify your immediate supervisor or Site-Coordinator of the injury.


    2.  Complete First Report of Injury form, (located under Forms on left hand side of this page) if injury is not life threatening.


    3.  The immediate supervisor or Site-Coordinator must email or fax (X8032) a completed First Report of Injury form to Susan Butts within 24 hours of the date of the injury.


    4.  The injured employee should READ the Employee Packet received from their immediate supervisor or Site-Coordinator.


    5. Go to one of the “Initial Care Physicians” listed within the Employee Packet for treatment due to your W/C injury. Injured employees are not authorized to receive medical treatment from any locations other than those listed on the “Initial Care Physician” form without prior approval from our Worker’s Compensation carrier, unless for a life threatening injury. On First Report of Injury or illness, the employee will be subject to a drug and alcohol screening.


    6.  During the initial visit, provide the medical care provider with the Medical Provider Report that is located within the Employee Packet.


    7.  Return to work and provide your supervisor or Site-Coordinator with the Medical Release or Return-To-Work form that you receive from the medical care provider.


    NOTE:  If your injury requires any work restrictions or time off from work, please notify your immediate supervisor or Site-Coordinator as soon as possible.


    NOTE:  You are not permitted to seek medical treatment or be referred to another medical care provider (unless life threatening


  1. Return to Work Program -

    In the event your injury requires work restrictions, RHIT will contact your immediate supervisor to determine if the restrictions would prohibit you from performing your normal job functions.

    If the work restrictions prohibit you from performing your normal job functions, and if there is no other work available within your department, the Institute will temporarily place you with another department where alternative work may be available or applicable.  You will remain in that department until your work restrictions are changed or until the alternative work is no longer available.

    If there is no alternative work available on or off campus, you will then be required to remain off work until your work restrictions are changed or until you are released to return to work, whichever comes first.