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Automobile Coverage

Authorized Operator

You must be listed on the RHIT Authorized Driver list prior to renting a vehicle or driving a RHIT owned vehicle.  Only RHIT authorized drivers may drive these vehicles for RHIT business purposes.  RHIT vehicles cannot be used for personal use.

To qualify as an "Authorized Driver" the employee must complete a "Motor Vehicle Background Check" form and return the form to our Manager of Insurance and Risk Management.  An employee will remain on the approved operator list until they cease employment, ask to be removed from the list or no longer meet the carrier's guidelines.

If a student needs to drive an Institute owned vehicle or non-owned vehicle for RHIT business purposes, the student must provide our Manager of Insurance and Risk Management with a Signed authorization from the department supervisor making the request. 

Any student that will be driving for an approved club event must obtain their own Bureau of Motor Vehicle report, at their expense, from the state where they are licensed.  The student will have 30 days from the date of the received report to submit the information to the Manger of Insurance and Risk Management. Any reports over 30 days old will not be accepted.  If the student meets the carrier's guidelines, they will be added to the Student Approved Operator list for that school year.  Students must obtain a current motor vehicle report and reapply to be listed on the student operator list each school year.  Student approval does not carry over from year to year

If an MVR comes back that is considered by standards established by our insurance carrier to be an at-risk driver, the individual will be restricted from driving Institute owned and non-owned/leased vehicles until further notice. 

The Institute's insurance carrier will not pay claims involving a non-authorized driver.  It is the individual and/or department's responsibility to verify that the driver of the rental or RHIT owned vehicle is listed on our Authorized Driver list.  Please contact our Manager of Insurance and Risk Management (x8457) if you have any questions.

RHIT Vehicles and Rental Vehicles

Please Note the following additional items related to vehicle insurance and rental:

  • The above requirement does apply to class projects, trips, athletic events, etc. when a student may be required to drive a rental or RHIT owned vehicle for RHIT business purposes.
  • All persons utilizing ANY institute owned or rental vehicles must wear seat belts at ALL times.  Drivers are also not authorized to use cellular phones while driving.  Please pull off the road to use a cell phone.
  • The RHIT auto policy includes a $1,000 deductible for all collision claims and a $500 deductible for all comprehensive claims.  Deductibles are the responsibility of the department using the institute owned vehicle, or rental vehicle when rented in the name of RHIT, at the time of the occurrence.
  • RHIT suggests that you do not take the Physical Damage coverage or any of the additional insurance coverage’s offered through the rental agency.
  • RHIT DOES NOT permit the use of 11, 12 and 15 passenger vans under any circumstances.  Due to national highway safety issues concerning 11, 12 and 15 passenger vans, RHIT will not authorize or reimburse expenses associated with these vehicles.  The Institute's carrier will not cover accidents occurring as a result of the use of these vehicles.
  • Please inspect rental vehicles prior to leaving the rental facility.  If you notice any damages to the rental vehicle, even if minor, bring this to the attention of the rental company. If there is preexisting damage, request that the rental agent give you something in writing stating that the damage was preexisting.  Failure to do so may leave RHIT/your department responsible for these damages.

Vehicle Accident Reporting

If an employee or student should have an accident while in an Institute owned or non-owned vehicle, the individual should contact the local authorities and our Manager of Insurance and Risk Management (x8457). If the accident happens on campus, the employee/student should also contact RHIT Campus Security (x8911) so an incident report may be completed. 

Steps to follow in an accident: 

  1. Stop immediately, do not leave the scene of the accident and do not move your vehicle until instructed to do so by the police. 
  2. When the accident occurs off campus, call the local police in the accident area and Risk Management (x8457). 
  3. For accidents occurring on campus, contact Campus Security (x8590) and Risk Management (x8457). 
  4. Exchange identification and insurance information with the other driver (s). 
  5. DO NOT give statements to anyone except the police, RHIT's Manager of Insurance and Risk Management and RHIT Campus Security. Statements may be given to our insurance carrier and any other insurance carrier involved in the claim after a report has been filed with Risk Management (x8457). 
  6. Be courteous, cooperative and reasonable.
  7. Do not admit or deny blame. Do not sign anything. 

Vehicle Use Abroad

If you will be driving a vehicle while abroad, ALWAYS take the insurance coverage offered by the rental agency.  Rose-Hulman's Auto and General Liability policy will not afford liability coverage to protect you or any damage sustained to the vehicle while abroad.  This includes Canada and Mexico.