Property Dispositions


This webpage has been created to summarize the information Departments should know regarding the proper disposition of Institute property.   Full disposition details are found in Section IV, D, of the Institute's Purchasing Guide.  Departments should always contact Administrative Services or prior to the disposition of property.  Section IV, 4 (a) Property Dispositions, in the Institute Purchasing Guide, outlines the steps Departments must follow when considering the disposition of various types of property. 

Section IV D, 4 (c), describes the various methods the Office of Administrative Services may use for the disposition of property:

  •          Public Auctions (see below)

  •          Private Sale

  •          R.O.S.I.E. ReStore (returned to campus)

  •          Scrapped

  •          Trade-in for newer equipment

Forms for submitting requests to Administrative Services for the disposition of property are:



Where - 9185 E. US Hwy 40, Seelyville, IN

When - Times will be announced via campus email, in local newspaper, and on the auctioneer's website at: Auction Zip


How It Works - Items for sale can be viewed and bid on by individuals according to the terms and conditions established by the website host, Public Surplus.  NOTE: Departments identifying any item that can be repurposed for campus use should immediately notify Administrative Services so the item can be removed from the auction and delivered to their location.

Where - Public Surplus

When - regularly throughout the year, new auctions announced via Sharepoint services



Bob Watson,
   Procurement Manager      Facilitites Bldg FAC108

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