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Study Abroad Check List  

I.   Step One- collect information.

A.   Talk to a study abroad advisor.

To study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country, contact:

Dr. John Gardner  812-877-8524; gardner@rose-hulman.edu or
Dr. Gustavo Garcia  812-877-8860; Garcia@rose-hulman.edu

To study abroad in Germany at the University of Stuttgart or Otto von Guericke University, Magdeburg, contact:

Dr. Heidemarie Heeter  812-877-8308; heeter@rose-hulman.edu or
Dr. Andreas Michel  812-877-8221; michel@rose-hulman.edu

To study in Ulm, Germany in classes taught in English, contact:

Ms. Karen DeGrange - 812-877-8285; degrange@rose-hulman.edu

To study abroad in Japan, contact:

Dr. Maki Hirotani, 812-877-8862; hirotani@rose-hulman.edu

B. Determine:

  1. Where do I want to go? English speaking country, or study another language in a non-English speaking country?
  2. When do I want to go and for how long?
  3. What do I want to study? Technical/Scientific courses or humanities?
  4. Can I get academic credit? Do I need credit?
  5. Will I be able to graduate in four years? Or will it take longer?
  6. Can I afford to study abroad?  What about my financial aid?

II.  Step Two - Talk to your academic advisor.

Inform advisor of your plan. Determine the optimal time to be away from your RHIT program & which courses may be taken elsewhere during that time frame.

III. Step Three – Talk to  your parents!

Talk to your parents BEFORE applying to a program; be sure you understand all the expenses in order to give them an accurate idea of the costs.

IV. Step Four - Choose a program.
     A. Determine the program deadlines
    B. Collect required documents and submit an application.
    C. Once accepted, fill out all RHIT required paperwork.

V. Step Five – Talk to Financial Aid, before or immediately after applying to a program.

A. Mrs. Melinda Middleton, Director, Financial Aid; 812-877-8259
B. You may be able to use federal aid during your study abroad; it depends
    on the host school. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for details.
C. You may not use any institutional or state aid during your study aboard.
    All aid is divided in thirds for the academic year. The aid that was allotted
    for that term or terms that you are studying abroad will be forfeited.
D. If you have been awarded an outside scholarship, you will need to check
    with the donor to see if you can use the outside scholarship for study
    abroad. If you can, please ask the donor to send the Office of Financial
    Aid a letter stating that it is allowed to use the scholarship during your
    study aboard terms.
E. Determine if you are eligible for a special scholarship:

1. Do you receive a Pell Grant to attend RHIT? If so, you may be eligible
    for a Gilman Scholarship.

2. Do you want to apply for a BOREN Award?

VI. Step Six - Speak with a study abroad advisor to complete RHIT forms:
    A. Provide a copy of your acceptance letter
    B. Complete a ‘Transfer of Credit’ form for the registrar
    C. Sign and complete the ‘Waiver of Liability’ form
    D. Provide a copy of proof of health insurance coverage
VII. Step Seven – to be completed while abroad
    A. Register for RHIT courses for the quarter following study abroad
    B. Reserve on-campus housing for the quarter following study abroad