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Time Management

Oct. 3-9

Article Author
Time Management UIC Academic Center for Excellence
Time Management Principles University of Minnesota, Duluth
Overcoming Procrastination UIC Academic Center for Excellence
Self-Help Brochures: Overcoming Procrastination UIUC Counseling Center
Getting On With It Successful Academic
Where is My Time Going? UIC Resource
Time Grid for the Week UIC Resource

Discussion Questions

  • How did you manage your time in high school?
  • What are you doing now to manage your time?
  • What are different ways to manage your time?  (Write ideas on the board)
  • What challenges your time management?  (people, activities, etc.)
  • Do you think about managing your time in advance or try and plan things as they come?
  • Do you think you are a planner/organizer or a procrastinator?