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Time Management

Oct. 27-31

Article Author
Time Management UIC Academic Center for Excellence
Time Management Principles University of Minnesota, Duluth
Self-Help Brochures: Overcoming Procrastination UIUC Counseling Center
Getting On With It Successful Academic
Where is My Time Going? UIC Resource
Time Grid for the Week Erik Hayes
Why We ProcrastinateVik Nithy

Discussion Questions

  • How did you manage your time in high school?
  • What are you doing now to manage your time?
  • What are different ways to manage your time?  (Write ideas on the board)
  • What challenges your time management?  (people, activities, etc.)
  • Do you think about managing your time in advance or try and plan things as they come?
  • Do you think you are a planner/organizer or a procrastinator?