About Omega Chi Epsilon

Omega Chi Epsilon is the National Honor Society for Chemical Engineering. The organization was found in 1931 at the University of Illinois. It strives to recognize juniors and seniors that demonstrate the abilities to display academic prowess and leadership skills in their profession. It also encourages earnest student-faculty dialogue within the department.

The objectives of Omega Chi Epsilon are represented by the four arms and maroon crest of the honor society's key:

  1. Recognition - To recognize excellence in chemical engineering

  2. Investigation - To promote original investigation and innovation in chemical engineering

  3. Service - To provide service to the chemical engineering department or school and its student body

  4. Comradeship - To promote comradeship among chemical engineers

  5. Professionalism - To promote honesty, integrity and social responsibility: the hallmarks of professional ethics

The Chemical Engineering Department at Rose-Hulman was the first in the country to award a degree in Chemical Engineering in 1889. The department has the mission to provide an excellent chemical engineering education through a combination of theory and practice that prepares students for productive professional careers and advanced graduate studies.

Eligibility Requirements


  • Completed 50% of degree requirements

  • Completed at least three hours of chemical engineering course work

  • Top 25% of class, or GPA greater than 3.25/4.00


  • Completed 70% of degree requirements

  • Top 33% of class, or GPA greater than 3.00/4.00