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One of the nation's top undergraduate
           engineering, science, and mathematics colleges

Student Life

Rose-Hulman Intramural Sports
 Spring Sports Offered
 Ultimate Frisbee    3-Pitch Softball
   Rose-Hulman1Schedules on ImLeagues   Rose-Hulman1Schedules on ImLeagues
   Rose-Hulman1Rules     Rose-Hulman1Rules
Table Tennis   Swim Meet
   Rose-Hulman1Registration on ImLeagues    Rose-Hulman1Registration on ImLeagues
   Rose-Hulman1Rules    Rose-Hulman1Information
Track and Field Meet   Home Run Derby
  Rose-Hulman1Information     Rose-Hulman1Information
  Rose-Hulman1Rules     Rose-Hulman1Rules
Strongest Engineer   Disc Golf Tournament
   Rose-Hulman1Rules    Rose-Hulman1Rules
Sand Volleyball   Golf Scramble
  Rose-Hulman1Rules     Rose-Hulman1Rules