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One of the nation's top undergraduate
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Student Life

Rose-Hulman Intramural Sports
 Fall Sports Offered
Kickball Tournament   Flag Football
  Rose-Hulman1Registration August 27-30      Rose-Hulman1Registration August 30-September 5
  Rose-Hulman1Rules      Rose-Hulman1Rules
Indoor Soccer    Golf Scramble
   Rose-Hulman1 Registration August 30-September 5      Rose-Hulman1Registration August 27-September 5
 Tennis   Badminton
   Rose-Hulman1Registration September 3-13      Rose-Hulman1Registration September 10-20
   Rose-Hulman1Rules      Rose-Hulman1Rules
Dodgeball Tournament   Cross Country
   Rose-Hulman1Registration October 1-11      Rose-Hulman1Event Date: October 2
Floor Hockey   Punt/Pass/Kick Competition
   Rose-Hulman1Registration October 10-17      Rose-Hulman1Event Dates: October 29-30