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Human Resources

Rose-Hulman Human Resources



ASK HR: FAQ's for Supervisors


As a supervisor, what do I need to know about the use of E-mail?



How do I resolve a conflict with my employee?

Why do I need to coach my employees?

What do I need to know before disciplining an employee?

How do I document?



How do I Create a Proper Job Description?

How Do I Post My Position?

How do I Attract Candidates?

Once I Have Decided Upon a Candidate What Do I Do?

What is the Orientation Period for a new employee?


Employment Law

What laws and regulations do I need to be familiar with?

What do I need to know about high school employees?

Who is required to obtain a work permit?

Fair Labor Standards Act

FMLA (Family & Medical Leave Act)


Pay & Records


What are the time limits for record retention?


Performance Management

I supervise nonexempt employee(s), how do I address the individual's performance problems? An exempt employee?

What do I do if my employee disagrees with their performance review?

Are my employees required to do a self review as part of the performance review process?

Supervisor's Guide to Performance Appraisals


Professional Development

Where can I find information on professional development?

What if I want development on a topic that isn’t offered?

Can my entire department go through a professional development program?


Time Away From Work


Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Military Leave

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