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04/07/2014;03:41 PM
Alan Ward
Can Online Teaching Improve Face to Face Instruction?
"In general, online courses require greater planning, more extensive resources, more formalized communication, and more detailed organization than do face to face courses. But, the work that goes into creating an online course, and the insights forthcoming from comparison of online and face to face versions of the course, can make the face to face course better in many ways."

Tomorrow's Professor Msg.#1321 Can Online Teaching Improve Face to Face Instruction?

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12/13/2013;03:13 PM
Kay C Dee
Institute update and infrastructure support

At the Institute meeting on Tuesday, December 10, we provided an update on recent strategic planning efforts regarding online/multimedia-enhanced education at Rose-Hulman.  We’ve formed a Rose-Hulman Online strategy team of faculty members, administrators, and technical staff to build a strong support infrastructure for teaching online courses (seminars, workshops, etc.), hybrid or “flipped” classes, and creating/using multimedia learning tools in face-to-face classes.  We’ve also identified a set of goals to be achieved by the end of June, 2014.  We’ve created a visual dashboard of our progress on these goals, which we’ll update periodically and post publicly via this blog.  The dashboard is viewable/downloadable here:

At the Institute meeting we didn’t have time to go into details about all of the issues that the strategy team is working on, but we’re basing our work largely on the outline suggested in “Infrastructure and Administrative Support for Online Programs,” by John Mayer and Amanda Barefield, Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration, 13(3), Fall 2010.   We’ve added a few things to the issues listed by these authors (examples include policies/practices regarding cyberbullying, teaching students in countries where internet access is controlled, merging good practices with our academic calendar).  However, we haven’t taken anything identified by these authors off of our list of ‘things to consider!’

If you’d like to learn more about the issues we are tackling, the original article we’re working from is available in pdf form, downloadable at:

The article is also viewable in a web browser at:

11/27/2013;01:34 PM
Kay C Dee

Faculty Online Readiness Tool, developed and hosted by Penn State University

Thinking about teaching online?  Take a few minutes and use the online tool linked at the end of this post!  This tool allows you to self-assess readiness to teach online by asking you to reflect on your skills in three categories:  Technical Competencies, Administrative Competencies, and Pedagogical Competencies.  Enter your name and email address on the first page to begin using the tool.

Items within the first category will appear on the left; click one box in each row that best describes your experience level with that particular item.  When all of the items for the first category are finished, click on the next long box below to open the next category.  When you are finished with all of the items in each category, click “Finished”. 

The tool will display your results on the screen, and you can scroll through them to briefly review – however, the type is small and the recommended online resources are not hyperlinked on these screens.  Fortunately, the tool will email you the same summary, in a readable font size and with hyperlinked resources!  The emailed, hyperlinked results are a valuable resource, for either individuals seeking to build their skills or people with extensive online teaching experience, seeking a brief refresher of best practices.

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