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Prof. Renee Rogge (Sect. 01 & 02)
Prof. Christine Buckley (Sect. 03)
Prof. Jerry Fine (Sect. 04 & 05)
Prof. Lori Olson (Sect. 06 & 07)
Prof. Richard Onyancha (Sect. 08)


Statics and Mechanics of Materials, 2nd Edition, Riley, Sturgis, and Morris

MA111 Calculus I

Course Grading:
10% : Homework & Quizzes
15% : Project
45% : Exams
30% : Final Exam

This freshman level course is the first step on the road to engineering analysis. It covers two- and three-dimensional force systems, equilibrium, structures, distributed forces, and strength and elastic deflection of engineering materials due to axially applied loads. The course emphasizes free-body diagrams.

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Prof. Richard Onyancha
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