Catapult 2010
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June 19

Written by Alex Mullans
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Mandatory fun was the word of the day today. Saturday Morning Meetings are a special treat, as the computer science professor brings "Saturday morning cartoons". This week, the monkeys watched Animusic, which is a compilation of animated songs. If you've ever seen the video in the email about the "University of Iowa Farm Machine Music", you've seen Animusic's Pipe Dream.

After morning project time, we spent the afternoon with Wacky Olympics, which included events such as the Case Race, condiment body painting, and the saran wrap race. After the final relay event, we opened up the slip 'n slide for all the Catamonkeys and saw some pretty impressive distances achieved (check out today's pictures to see what we consider a "slip 'n slide"). After a barbecue for dinner on Speed Lawn, around 25 people went rock climbing in Indianapolis, while the rest of us stayed on campus playing cards, watching movies, and hanging out. For Midnight Madness we had sand volleyball on the campus courts.

Detailed description of Wacky Olympics is after the break!

Today's photos (as well as yesterday's) are posted!

Condiment Body Painting

Mayonaise. Mustard. Ketchup. Humans. Put them all together, and out comes a form of art (and some smelly bodies!).

Mountain Dew Case Race

Four monkeys. 24 cans. Who can finish them all? As some of the monkeys learned today, it's a marathon, not a sprint!

Saran Wrap Race

At Rose-Hulman, we like to take ordinary things (like fire and your traditional 3-legged race) and up the ante a little bit, thereby creating things like the Homecoming Bonfire and the Saran Wrap Race. Long story short: one monkey wraps all the other monkeys from his team in saran wrap. Then they race from one end of Speed Lawn to the building and back. If the saran wrap breaks, or isn't tight enough, you've got to start over again!

Eggs Over-Head

An entirely new way of cooking eggs, this method requires the consumer (in this case, one monkey from each IM team) to place one (1) egg on top of his head and secure it by placing a piece of pantyhose over his head. He then ascends the shoulder of another teammate and is given a pool noodle with which to beat the other eggs. His egg is cooked when none of the other eggs are left unbroken. Get crackin'!

Relay Race

Step 1: dig 3 of 5 Skittles out of a pie pan full of whipped cream. Step 2: 2 people perform the human wheelbarrow down to the other end. Step 3: 1 person holds a water balloon between their legs and hobbles back down to the pie-eaters. Step 4: 4 people leap-frog back down to the human wheelbarrows. Step 5: 1 person runs around Speed Hall. Step 6: The final person runs onto the slip 'n slide. He's got to make it all the way to the end before time is stopped.

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