The Iota Chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma was founded in the May of 1909 at the “Rose Polytechnic Institute”. The Chapter’s petition was approved on May 10, but the Chapter wasn’t installed until May 22. Since “May 10” appears on the original charter, this date is considered the official founding day for the Chapter. Alpha Chi Sigma has since begun placing the date of installation on charters in order to avoid this point of confusion.

Due to the waning of interest in the chapter, and the tragic death of several of its members, the Iota Chapter was deactivated on June 25, 1938. In 1974, the Rose Polytechnic Institute changed its name to the “Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology” to reflect the support of the Hulman family to the school. After a span of almost 50 years, the chapter was reactivated on October 6, 1984. The Iota Chapter still has the dubious distinction of holding the record for the longest continuous period of inactivity.

The chapter has since flourished, growing to become one of the largest fraternities on the Rose-Hulman campus.

Founding Fathers

The following names are of the 9 original founding fathers of the Iota Chapter. Together, they formed the first Iota Chapter membership in the May of 1909.

  • Henry John Bangert
  • Harold Isenberg
  • Rolla Samuel Wilson
  • Joseph Valentine Davidson
  • Donald Merton Hubbard
  • Ralph Lewis Flood
  • Frederick William Kroemer Jr.
  • Frank Cohen
  • Joseph Anthony Hepp

Re-Founding Fathers

The following names are of the 10 re-founding fathers of the Iota Chapter. They became the first Iota Chapter members after 46 years of inactivity.

  • Steve Stier
  • Dr. Bruce D. Allison
  • Dr. Frank Albert Guthrie
  • Scott Allen Hanny
  • Robert Gerald Jacoby
  • James P. Sherwood
  • Andrew Richard Spartz
  • Gregory Alan Howearth
  • John Henry Rohlfing
  • Tom Walter Sliwa