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Sid Stamm

Associate Professor of Computer Science and Software Engineering

stammsl (at) rose-hulman (dot) edu
Office: Moench F216
Phone: (812) 877-8364

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Weekly Schedule (Spring 2018-2019)

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Seminars and other Opportunities

APRIL 19, 2019: Dr. Apu Kapadia speaks on Privacy
JANUARY 16, 2019: Mike Jackson from Target speaks on Info Security
IU Security & Privacy in Informatics (etc) Speakers
IU Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research Speaker Series


I study socio-technical security and privacy: the use of technology to leverage social expectations to defraud, deceive, manipulate, infer, or steal data from people -- and ways to limit this abuse.

Web Tracking: Most web sites rely on third parties (other web sites) to give them functionality or display advertisements. Usually these relationships are invisible and can lead to an organization you've never heard of learning enough about you to make you uncomfortable. This privacy perception gap shouldn't exist, and you should be in control of how your information is monetized. Can we put you back in control?

Wireless Signal Privacy: you probably carry a smartphone in your pocket, and possibly a fitbit, smart watch, key locator tag or other devices that emit wireless signals. These signals can be used to track you across time and space. Can we protect your privacy?

For more information, see my detailed research page.

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