Cybersecurity Minor

Students who wish to learn how cybersecurity may apply to their major program of study can minor in Cybersecurity. This minor exposes students to the fundamental of securing computer and information systems, risk, ethics, technical controls, and adversarial thinking.


These are required to pursue the minor. Luckily, many of them may already be required by degree program and will not need to be re-taken. * Degrees requiring a programming class might allow the use of CSSE 120 as a substitute for the named course. Consult the major program’s advisor for details.

CATEGORY A – [4 cr] Ethics:

CATEGORY B – [12 cr] Core (take all of these):

CATEGORY C – [choose 8 cr] additional Cyber Electives:

A maximum 4cr in this category may be from classes numbered below 300. Pick 8 cr from the following list:

Students pursuing this minor will be exposed to at least 20cr of cybersecurity content (Category B and C).

Note: At most 8 credits of the Core/Cyber Elective course work (categories B and C above) can be used to satisfy degree requirements for any major or any other minor sought by the student. The remaining credit hours can only be used to satisfy technical or free electives within the primary major.

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