The Forty-seventh Annual

Rose-Hulman High-school Mathematics Contest


The Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Mathematics Contest takes place annually on the second Saturday in November. The forty-seventh contest took place Saturday, November 10, 2012. The Rose-Hulman recap.

This year's top finishers were
1. Carmel High School1346
2. Fishers   1213
3.Terre Haute South Vigo High School 1157
4. Castle   991
5.Signature   912

The 2012 class winners were
Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
1. Carmel 307 Carmel 361 Carmel 359 Fishers 376
2. Terre Haute South 284 Park Tudor 306 Fishers 292Iowa City West 347
3. Fishers 262 Terre Haute South 295 Terre Haute South 282 Carmel 319
4. Iowa City West 233 Castle 288 Signature 239 Park Tudor 311

Top scoring individuals were
Senior                                                       Junior
            NAME                   SCHOOL                           NAME                  SCHOOL
 1.      Alex Barksdale 100      Terre Haute South            Chanmin Kim 100        Champaign Central  
         Trevor Clinkenbeard 100 Iowa City West               David Liang 100        Carmel
         Ben Sheff 100           Iowa City West
         Madeline Snipes 100     Fishers               
 2. 	 Shaan Erickson 94       Signature		      Yushi Homma 95         Carmel
         Alek Jansen 94          Warsaw Community HS
         Usama Kamran 94         Fishers
         Andy Mayo 94            Lutheran
         Catherine Mytelka 94    Park Tudor
         Nathaniel Smith 94      Fishers
 3.      Peter Bai 88            Fishers                      Boyu He 94             Urbana
         Changrae Cho 88         Muncie Central
         Victor Gonsalves 88     Fisher
         Likith Govindaiah 88    Champaign Central
         Vaibhav Vavilala 88     Carmel
         Willie Zhu 88           Carmel
 4.	 Neil Jairath 84         Castle                       Ryan Chung 88          Terre Haute South
                                                              Claudia Huang 88       Carmel
                                                              Jiajun Xu 88           Urbana
                                                              Jingyi Zhao 88         Culver Academies
 5.	 Noah Rouleau 83         Signature                    Zikang Tong 83         Urbana
 6.	 Scott An 82             Hamilton Southeastern        Krishan Kumar 82       Terre Haute South
	 Jacob Hoffman 82        Park Tudor                   Joshua Woodward 82     Fishers 
         Austin Lesh 82          Castle
         Ling Tao Ge 82          Covenant Christian
         Chris Yim 82            Champaign Central
 7.	 Andrew Miller           Lebanon                      Anna Furlong           Iowa City West
         Jerry Xu                Carmel
 8.	 Ji-Eun Choi             Iowa City West               Eric Langowski         Carmel
                                                              Pei Liu                Culver Academies
                                                              Baizhen Zhu            Zionsville
 9.      Nick Miller             Castle                       Adam Bennett           Harrison
                                                              Bowman Clark           Signature  
10.      Asya Bergal             Iowa City West               Kevin Lin              Zionsville                                    
11. 	 Ben Dahlquist           Castle                       Wenliang Ma            Fishers
         Deborah Lee             Terre Haute South            Dimi Tcholakov         Fishers
         Anne Leonhard           Hamilton Southeastern        Clay Thomas            Fishers                             
         John Park               St. Joseph                   Josh Zaugg             Fishers
         Sagar Patel             Terre Haute South            
         Henry Stadler           Terre Haute South            
         Andrew Witten           Signature
12.	 Alexa Petrucciani       Park Tudor                   Thien Meesuk           Park Tudor
                                                              Sachin Seetharamaiah   Signature

	  Sophomore	     		      	                       Freshman
1.      Kevin Fei 94            Carmel                   Amanda Li 100        Park Tudor
        Chrishan Fernando 94    Carmel                                                  
        Kevin Mi 94             Carmel
        Nathan Mytelka 94       Park Tudor
        Julia Wang 94           Park Tudor
        Alex Yu 94              Carmel
2.      George Theodorakis 88   Fishers                  Daniel Vance 94      Fishers
3.	Ben Brubaker 83         Terre Haute South        Miles Dai 89         Carmel
        Laurel Fink 83          Park Tudor 
4.      Harry Manaligod 82      Iowa City West           Simon Langowski 88   Carmel
        Thomas Ritz 82          Fishers
        Joshua Segaran 82       Carmel
        Jiaying Wang 82         Culver Academies
5.	Cynthia Wu              Carmel                   Tingyue Cui 83       Terre Haute South
                                                         Kai Trepka 83        Iowa City West
6.	Michael Crowell         Terre Haute South        Gabriel Paree-Huff   Fishers
        JT Laune                Castle                   Ruofan Zhou          Culver Academies
        Richard Yang            Castle
7. 	Ruohan Xiao             Culver Academies         Kevin Cao            Terre Haute South
8.      YoJin Lee               Champaign                Olivia Wang          Carmel
9. 	Kush Patel              Terre Haute South        Valerie Hsieh        Iowa City West        
10.	Scott Dauer             Castle                   Tiger Huang          Carmel
                                                         Aryaman Gupta        Carmel
                                                         Amy Zhou             Zionsville
11.     Trey Kolleck            Castle                   Yining Chen          Urbana
        Ashwin Prasad           Castle 
12. 	Hannah Kim              Iowa City West           Christopher Ray      Terre Haute South
        Casey Richardson        Castle                   Cynthia Yue          Carmel
Congratulations to the Winners of the Sally Shonk memorial award; Amanda Li and David Vance
and to the Mary Rhein memorial award winners; Kevin Fei, Chrishan Fernando, Kevin Mi, Nathan Mytelka, Julia Wang, and Alex Yu

This year there were approximately 400 students from 25 schools. The schools competing this year were: Carmel, Castle, Champaign Central, Covenant Christian, Culver Academies, Fishers, Hamilton Southeastern, Iowa City West, Lafayette Harrison, Lebanon, Indianapolis Lutheran, Milan, Muncie Central, Park Tudor, Pendleton, Signature, South Vermillion, St. Joseph, Terre Haute North Vigo High School, Terre Haute South Vigo High School, Urbana, Warsaw, West Vigo, and Zionsville. There were also guest middle school students from Honey Creek.

-A summary of the scoring for this year's contest:
                      FR     SO     JR     SR
Number of Students    75     74     86     97
Top Score            100     94    100    100
Twelfth Place         68     71     66     69
Median                45     57     52     61
Mean                 47.3   56.1   53.8   60.7

For more information about the contest, please send e-mail to