Low Cost Apparatus

Apparatus Title: QUANTUM LADDER


A scale model of the hydrogen atom energy levels for capturing the interest of first year level ( non calculus ) physics course. Depending on the interest of the students and the instructor one can illustrate the "deep" level in contrast to the energy levels corresponding to higher level energy states.

Equipment required to construct apparatus: plastic pippes, LE D 's , switch

Item Source/Store Part Number Cost Total cost......$10/

Sketch of the apparatus:

Introductory Laboratory Apparatus

Apparatus Title: Magnetic fields within a finite solenoid


A Hall probe , calibrated using Helmholtz coils , is used to investigate the variation of manetic field as a function of distance within an air core solenoid ; note the effect of magnetic/ non magnetic core on the B field for a given current , Estimate the relative permeability of a magnetic material core.

Other support needed for the proper operation of this apparatus:

I will need a poster board on which I will tag the details of the apparatus.and access to a table on which I can display student expt. reports of March / Apr. 2000. Adjacent to this I will like to demonstrate the "ringing" .

Sketch of the apparatus: Will be prepared on site .


Will be available on site

Experimental Write-Up for Students