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Sriram Mohan


Sriram's research interests primarily center around XML with an emphasis on Conceptual Modeling, Security and Access Control. He has also been involved in the development of XML database engines and XML Benchmarking, Pervasive computing and Risk Management. He has worked with Dr. Melanie Wu , Dr.Arijit Sengupta and Dr.Yvonne Rogers

Select Research Projects

  • Research Lead ACXESS - Access Control for XML with Enhanced Security Specifications - A framework for designing, specifying and enforcing access control for XML. Aug 2004 - current
  • Research Lead XER - eXtensible Entity Relationship Modeling for XML - A conceptual modeling approach for XML. Aug 2003 - current.
  • Junior Researcher DOCBASE - A Document Management System for XML. Aug 2002 - current
  • Research Lead WeInteract - A Pervaisve Audience Participation System. Aug 2002 - Jun 2004

Please click here for details on my research and my publications page for a list of my publications.