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Sriram Mohan


Please see my vita for details on my teaching experience.


CSSE 371- Software Requirements and Specification
Fall 2007

Basic concepts and principles of software requirements engineering, its tools and techniques, and methods for modeling software systems. Topics include requirements elicitation, prototyping, functional and non-functional requirements, object-oriented techniques, and requirements tracking.

Indiana University

Introduction to Software Systems
Summer 2003-Current

I served as the course instructor for the `Introduction to Software Systems' course (taken by both graduate and undergraduate students) covering object oriented concepts and the Java programming language. My responsibilities included giving lectures and leading discussion sessions, designing assignments,course projects and exams, and other class management activities.

Associate Instructor
Software Engineering
Fall 2002-Current

I served as the associate instructor for the `Software Engineering for Information Systems and the Software Engineering Management' courses taught by Prof. Edward Robertson. My responsibilities included leading lecture and discussion sessions,hosting office hours, grading and solving technical and inter-personal conflicts amongst team members.

Associate Instructor
Network Technologies and Administration
Fall 2001

I served as the associate instructor for the `Network Technologies and Administration' course (taken by both graduate and undergraduate students) taught by Prof. Jeff Whitmer. My responsibilities included designing assignments, course projects and exams, grading, leading lab and discussion sessions, and hosting office hours.