Course taught

Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Waves, Foundations of Nuclear Physics, Coherent wave optics, Fiber optics, Fiber optics Lab, Applied Optics Lab, Speckle and its appliaction, Holographic interferometry, Optical Metrology, Optical nondestructive testing, Applied Optics Projects Lab, Biomedical Optics, Introduction to optics

Courses developed and modified

  1. Developed a new course PH 535 Biomedical Optics.
  2. Applied optics project lab course
  3. Optical Metrology

Laboratories Developed

  1. Laser Speckles
  2. Measurement of thickness of hair
  3. Measurement of laser parameters
  4. Making of Holograms
  5. Thermoplastic holography
  6. Mach-Zehnder fiber optics interferometric sensor
  7. Calibration of a PZT Stretcher using a fiber optics interferometric sensor
  8. Tyman-Green interferometer
  9. Projection Moire
  10. Lloyd's mirror interferometer for measurement of fiber cladding diameter
  11. Core diameter measurement using laser speckles
  12. Holographic interferometry
  13. Phase shifting interferometry
  14. Calibration of a PZT using Micheson interferometer
  15. Projection Moire technique for shape measurement
  16. Measurement of diffraction efficiency
  17. Modulating a laser beam

Directed Research

  1. Evaluation of Holograms
  2. Error analysis in laser speckle photography
  3. Fabrication of rainbow and reflection holograms
  4. Investigation of a biological specimen using ESPI
  5. Measurement of temperature using fiber optics interferometric sensor
  6. Development of a user interface for phase shifting interferometry
  7. Generic fiber optic sensors
  8. Theory on the contrast of the fringes in a single beam laser speckle analysis
  9. Core diameter measurement using laser speckles
  10. Interferometers using optical fibers
  11. Generation of 3D images using random dot coding
  12. Generation of Scholograms
  13. Optical image subtraction using a holographic shear lens
  14. Display holograms of a live specimen
  15. Random dots for 3-D images
  16. Schologram method to create 3-D images
  17. Detection of glucose level using speckles
  18. Simple method of detecting the statistical properties of laser speckles
  19. Collimation tester using holographic gratings
  20. Dichromated gelatin holograms
  21. Optics demonstrations using jellow
  22. Construction of a nitrogen laser
  23. HOE arrays

Masters Thesis

  1. A study of Dichromated Gelatin and the construction of holographic optical elements, Jay Sharping, (1993)
  2. Fiber optic Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometric system with a 1550 nm laser diode, Christopher Orcutt, (1994)
  3. "Increasing in-plane displacement sensitivity in ESPI", Thesis, Alexander Sohmer, (1995)
  4. "Electronic Speckle Shearing Pattern Interferometry using Holographic Grating", Thesis, Lutz Buerkle, (1995)


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  3. An easy method to display diffraction, interference, and Fourier transforms using speckle photographs, D. Kelley
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