Teaching/Administrative: Introduce new and innovative methods of class room teaching, modify and develop undergraduate and graduate laboratories, develop new courses, be a team player and provide leadership, be able to integrate experiences in teaching and research into organizations and play a lead role.

Research interests: Optical data processing, Holography, Holographic Optical Elements (HOE), Speckle phenomena and techniques, Optical component testing, Fringe analysis, Programming in C, Fiber Optic Sensor and Technology.


  1. Fellow, Optical Society of America, elected 1997
  2. Member, SPIE, the international society for optical engineers
  3. Fellow, Alexander Humboldt fellow association of America
  4. Fellow, Optical Society of India, elected 1996
  5. Member, Society of Experimental Mechanics, SEM



  1. The best masters student (Ranked #1) of the physics class for the year 1980.
  2. Young Scientist of India for the year 1987. Award presented by the Indian National Science Academy.
  3. Humboldt fellow to carry out independent research in Germany (1988 &1989).
  4. Visiting Humboldt fellow at the University of Stuttgart (Summer 1993)
  5. Fellow of the Optical Society of India (June 1995)
  6. Cited by the Marques Who's Who in Science and Engineering in USA, 4th Edition, 97 and 5th edition, 99.
  7. Recipient of the Rose-Hulman’s Outstanding Scholar Award 1996-97.
  8. Fellow of the Optical Society of America (OSA) 1998


  1. Ein Verfahren zur Relativ Pruefung Optischer Komponenten Speckle - Messung (A speckle method to compare optical components) Patent submitted in Germany (1989).
  2. Decorrelation of time varying laser speckles of fruits and vegetables, B. M. Khorana, C. Joenathan, and Z. Xu, submitted for disclosure on June 13, 1994.
  3. A grating electronic speckle shearing pattern interferometer, C. Joenathan and L. Buerkle, Submitted for disclosure in August 1994.
  4. A holographic element collimation tester, C. Joenathan, Submitted for disclosure, October 1994.



  1. Studies on the decorrelation of time varying laser speckles of fruits and vegetables, C. Joenathan and B. M. Khorana, Submitted to the Hughes Foundation (1992)
  2. Study of bone deformation and shapes by TV holography, Submitted to the Hughes foundation (1992)
  3. Optical studies of Cardiac-induced motion in the chest, arteries and veins of humans, A. B. Western and C. Joenathan, Submitted to the Hughes Foundation (1992)
  4. Automated fiber cladding diameter measurement, C. Joenathan and R. M. Bunch, Submitted to the Center for Applied Optics Studies(1993)
  5. Studies on the deformation of shapes of bones by T.V.Holography, C. Joenathan, Submitted to the Center for Applied Optics Studies(1993)
  6. Testing of high temperature ceramics using ESPI, C. Joenathan, Submitted to NSF as apart of the Presidential Faculty Awards, NSF (1992)
  7. Medical applications of temporal speckle pattern interferometers, Under Preparation


  1. 1. Optical measurement systems for undergraduate optics curriculum, C. Joenathan, ILI, NSF, funded September (1996-1998).

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