MA 323 Geometric Modelling

G1 Bezier Spline Applet
DIRECTIONS:   In this applet, you create a G1 cubic Bezier spline, by placing control points and choosing a knot sequence. The applet functions much like the C1 Bezier spline applet original, as it chooses the knot sequence as a uniform knot sequence by default (which is exactly the manner of a C1 Bezier spline. You can modify the knot sequence by using the knot slider bar at the bottom of the applet. The knot sequence controls the location of the joint points for the C0 cubic Bezier spline (or composite Bezier curve). For practical purposes, this means that the joint point is no longer at the midpoint of a segment, but at a point defined by the knot sequence, which by appropriate choice of a knot sequence can be located anywhere on the segment.