MA 323 Geometric Modelling

Dual Triangle Patch Applet
DIRECTIONS:   In this applet, you are given a composite Bezier patch consisting of two triangular Bezier patches joined along one edge. You can manipulate the surface by by dragging the control points control points to an appropriate location. You drag the point in perspective view on the image plane and move the point in and out of the image plane by using the A and Z buttons where A moves point directly on a line towards your eye so the point will not move apparently on the image screen and Z moves the point directly on a line away from your eye. Alternatively, you can move the point using the C and D buttons perpendicularly to the image plane, C moves away from you and D moves the point toward you. The patch can be rotated using the arrow keys, and you can zoom out and zoom in using the page up and page down keys.

The purpose of this applet is to investigate how to join two triangular patches in a smooth manner.