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Computational Probability Book: Available here

Professional Presentations

Conditional Probability and "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" Joint Statistical Meetings; Seattle, WA; August 2006.

Using APPL ("A Probability Programming Language") in a Post-Calculus Introductory Statistics Course. Joint Statistical Meetings; Toronto, Canada; August 2004.

The Distribution of the Kolmogorov-Smirnov, Cramer-von Mises, and Anderson-Darling Test Statistics for Exponential Populations with Estimated Parameters. Joint Statistical Meetings; San Francisco, CA; August 2003.

"A Probability Programming Language" (APPL) for Student Use in Probability Courses. Indiana section meeting of the MAA; Indianapolis, IN; March 2003.

Risk Analysis Assessment for Specification Development. Asphalt Pavement Annual Presentations: Meeting Program; Indianapolis, IN; December 2002.

The Distribution of the Kolmogorov-Smirnov Statistic for Exponential Populations with Estimated Parameters. Rose-Hulman Colloquium Series; Terre Haute, IN; October 2002.

Benford's Law. Wittenberg University Chapter of MAA; Springfield, OH; November 2001.

Input Modeling Using a Computer Algebra System (with L. Leemis). Winter Simulation Conference; Orlando, Florida; December 2000.

Discrete Random Variables: Data Structures and Algorithms. Ph.D. presentation and poster session at the Winter Simulation Conference; Orlando, Florida; December 2000.

APPL: A Probability Programming Language (with L. Leemis). Joint Statistical Meetings; Indianapolis, Indiana; August 2000.

Solving Probability and Mathematical Statistics Problems using a CAS Language (with L. Leemis). Southern Regional Council on Statistics/ASA Summer Research Conference; Williamsburg, Virginia; June 2000.

Maple Workshop. College of William & Mary Mathematics Department; August 1999, October 1999.

Tabu Search and the Polymer Straightening Problem. INFORMS National Meeting; Cincinnati, Ohio; May 1999.

Development of Calculator and Computer-based Precalculus and Calculus Lab Books. Virginia Wesleyan College "Talk About Teaching and Teachers Talking" Lecture; February 1997.

The Ball Drops Here: Linear, Quadratic, and Exponential Applications. National Conference of the National Association for Developmental Education; Little Rock, Arkansas; March 1996.

Algebra/Precalculus Applications: Revenue, Cost, and Profit Functions (TI-82 Technology Presentation). Virginia Wesleyan College Pre-session Faculty Workshop; January 1996.

Mathematics and Symmetry: Frieze Patterns. Virginia Wesleyan College Mathematical Awareness Week Lecture; April 1995.

Maximizing the Area of a Triangle (TI-81 Technology Presentation). Wittenberg University Sigma Xi Science Honorary Lecture; September 1993.

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"The Distribution of Order Statistics for Discrete Random Variables with Applications to Bootstrapping" (with L. Leemis and J. Drew), INFORMS Journal on Computing, Volume 18, Number 1, 2006, 19-30. Available here

"Algorithms for Computing the Distributions of Sums of Discrete Random Variables" (with L. Leemis), Mathematical and Computer Modelling, Volume 40, Number 13, 2004, 1429-1452. (Adobe PDF: 1173 KB)

"APPL: A Probability Programming Language" (with A. Glen and L. Leemis), The American Statistician, Volume 55, Number 2, May 2001, 156-166. (Adobe PDF: 206 KB)

"Survival Distributions Satisfying Benford's Law" (with L. Leemis and B. Schmeiser), The American Statistician, Volume 54, Number 4, November 2000, 236-241. (Adobe PDF: 187 KB)

"Probability Calculations in a Computer Algebra System" (with L. Leemis), Proceedings of the Section on Statistical Education,, American Statistical Association, 2000, 236-240. (Adobe PDF: 176 KB)

"Input Modeling Using a Computer Algebra System" (with L. Leemis), Proceedings of the 2000 Winter Simulation Conference, J. Joines, R. Barton, P. Fishwick, K. Kang, Eds., Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Orlando, Florida, 2000, 577-586. (Adobe PDF: 186 KB)

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Other (workshops, consulting, service, grants):

  • Attended a one-day workshop given by Edward Tufte entitled "Presenting Data and Information," September 2003.
  • Visited Cummins Engines Headquarters in Columbus, IN in Summer 2003 with several other RHIT faculty members and received a short course presentation on Six Sigma.

    Participated in the MAA's Professional Enhancement Program (PREP) Workshop (sponsored by the NSF) entitled "Regression Analysis: The Heart of Statistical Methodology" presented by Dick Scheaffer and Jeff Witmer in Summer 2003.

    Involved in a year long consulting project with the Asphalt Pavement Association and the Indiana Department of Transportation on contractor acceptance-volumetrics. Indiana was one of the first states developing and incorporating recommended acceptance specifications into pavement contracts. A RHIT statistics major worked on this project with me as part of a special topics course in Fall 2002.

    Co-chair of the 2004 Annual Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Mathematics Conference, March 19 and 20, 2004. We had a record number of 26 student presentations.

    Participated as a panelist in the "Graduate Student Workshop" at the Indiana Section of the MAA Spring 2004 Meeting.

    Co-chair of the 2005 Annual Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Mathematics Conference, March 18 and 19, 2005.

    Received a grant from the Mathematical Association of America (through the National Science Foundation) for the annual Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Mathematics Conference, 2005.

    Received a Virginia Wesleyan College Faculty Development Grant, "Development of Calculator and Computer-based Precalculus and Calculus Laboratory Workbooks," 1996.

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