ME 323 video lectures

Week 1:

Part 1 Introduction to the matlab desktop, help, doc, which, exist Part 2 Quick review of for loops, if-else if-else

Week 2:

Part 1 Basics of matrix multiplication / summation Part 2 A brief example of summation by matrix multiplication
Part 3 Indexing arrays using the loop counter, and Array(array), Array(array,brray)

Week 3:

Part 1 Introduction to functions and structured programming Part 2 Example of writing a matlab function and use of outer product to generate 'plaid' arrays

Week 4:

Part 1 Writing formatted text to files, fprintf Part 2 Scanning data from formatted text files, urlwrite

Week 5: No Lecture

Week 6:

Part 1 Overview of 1-D root finding using bisection and false position Part 2 Brief overview of Newton Method in 1-D.

Week 7:

Part 1 Introduction to n-dimensional Newton Raphson algorithm for solving systems of algebraic equations

Week 8:

Part 1 Intro to numerical ode solving, Euler method. Part 2 Runge Kutta integration of ODEs

Week 9:

Part 1 Boundary value problems by the shooting method Part 2 - under construction

Week 10:

Part 1 Brief intro to finite differencing Part 2 Boundary value problems by finite differencing