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Installing Spartan 14 on Macintosh OS X (This works on Yosemite OS X 10.10; it requires a computer with an Intel processor)

1. Download the version 1.1.9 disk image (.dmg) from Wavefunction (~670 MB)
2. Open the disk image. 
3. Drag the Spartan 14 icon to the provided applications folder in the disk image. (This will install the new version, and, if necessary, overwrite the old release).
4. Open Spartan 14
5. If necessary, Go to Spartan 14 Menu > About Spartan 14 (it may ask for a license immediately).
6. Click the License Utility button
7. If necessary, click the Back button and switch the license option to Network and click the Next button
8. This will prompt you to install the Sentinel Run-time Driver; follow the prompts to install the driver.
9. You will then need to enter the server address: (for single processor) or (for the parallel suite; we only have two licenses for the parallel suite, so please use these only if you will use the parallel suite features).
10. You will likely need to enter in your administrator password, and upon completion you may be prompted to reboot your machine.

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