Costa Rica

Clicking on a picture will take you to a larger version. (The larger versions are about 250 kb, so they will load slowly if you are using a modem.)

P1100032 P1120103_1 P1150040_1
P1150091 P1152019 P1130044
P1100005 P1150112 P1130029
P1161037 P1150029 P1140034
P1150011 P1150013 P1152013
P1090100 P1160071_1 P1160069
P1140088 P1150066 P1152025
P1110050 P1120086_1 P1160086
P1130083 P1121023 P1150081

In addition to Costa Rica, I also visited the Galapagos. On that trip, I was not using a digital camera. I have scanned one of the pictures from that trip.


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