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Installing the Nomenclature Module for ISIS/Draw on PC computers.

1.   Download the nomenclature module for ISIS/Draw from the ACD Labs website by clicking on Site 1 or Site 2 on the Download page. (You will have to register if you have not already done so.)
2.   Save the nameisis50.exe file.
3.   Run nameisis50.exe
4.   Direct the installer wizard to place the files in the folder with ISIS/Draw (C:\Program files\MDL ISIS/Draw 2.5)
5.   Run ISIS/Draw
6.   Select Add-in Manager in the Options menu
7.   Click the Installation tab
8.   Click Install an Add-in
9.   Find the file namedraw.inf, which should be in the “DRAW” folder, which is in the “ISIS” folder. (The full path should be C:\Program files\MDL ISIS/Draw 2.5\ISIS\DRAW).
10. Click Open
11. You should get a “successful installation” message.
12. Quit ISIS/Draw; when you run ISIS/Draw again, the nomenclature module will be active.

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