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  • Double majors need to declare their intent to pursue a double major with the Registrar:
    • Download the form from the Registrar's website and read the instructions.
    • You may delete or ignore the tabs corresponding to the majors you don't need.
    • For your primary (first) major (either CS or SE), fill out the whole column.
    • ---When listing electives, if nothing requires you to take a specific elective, you may leave it as an elective to keep your options open (like CSSExxx-CSSE Elective).
    • For your second major, you only need to fill out the info for the courses that start with the CSSE prefix. (For second major, you only ever need to take that major's required courses that are in that major's department. For example, SE/CS majors don't need to take ECE332.)
    • Ditto if you have a third major
    • Fill out the 4-year schedule (one of the first few tabs)
    • Print out all the pages you filled out, plus the cover page, and bring it to your advisor first to have it checked and signed, then to the others who need to sign it.
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